is here for few years and there were more than 10 000 000 users, which is amazing number. Many people flash firmware for Sony XPERIA smartphone, unbrick devices or just install latest generic firmware. Site is completely free and always will be. But there are still many requests about specific firmware etc, so i start XPERIA Firmware service.

Managing website take a lot of time, so i think that there is good time to bring new service for you. I can create and upload FTF file for your XPERIA smartphone with customization, you write me. I can also flash this FTF to your phone with Flashtool or XPERIA NewFlasher. If you have different request, you can also email me and i will try to find solution for you. I just flashed aroun 200 XPERIA smartphones and never fail...

1. write me your request by email (English language only) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. if it will be possible, i will response to you and will be waiting for PayPal payment (same email)
3. than we will realize your request instantly

- create and upload FTF file, which you want (smartphone and customization), delivery 24 hours, Google Drive storage - 5 USD
- remote flash/unbrick your device thru Team Viewer (your Pc with Windows and Flashtool installed), delivery depend on time - 10 USD
- different request (specific in email)

All these things you can make by yourself, but if you want to help my site and my YouTube channel, you can use it. Or you can just donate for buy new XPERIA smartphones...